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I am the first Indian woman composer to publish such a book of piano pieces called Easy Piano Melodies sold by Furtados.

I have been a great lover of music since my childhood and have now developed a passion for it.

I do not know who I am but I believe in two things... Love and Music, which are like two wings of my soul. I love to sing and compose music but I do not choose what I compose... it chooses me. I express myself and my thoughts better with music. I love different kinds of music. My Favorites are Dance, Gospel, Lebanese and Romantic music with good lyrics. Besides music I love dancing, exercising & Yoga.
I love children and love to teach them. I love poor and humble people.

An Upcoming Artist

A music teacher, a singer, a music composer and most of all, a romantic at heart. This is what describes Minu Puri.

Music is her one and only passion, the association of which gives her happiness and peace within. She believes that music is the best cure for the mind, body, and soul.

She had her schooling in Kathmandu where she started her musical journey with piano lessons from Mr. Georgie Banks, father of Louis Banks. She graduated from Lady Shri Ram College ,New Delhi with an Economics Honours degree .Here she was a member of the Western Music Society and won the Fresher’s Contest.

After marriage she went to Lagos ,Nigeria and went on to further study Music. She joined Muson and gave her vocal exams as a mezzo soprano. She even sang an African song as part of the exam syllabus. She also gave her fifth grade practical piano exam, ABRSM, London. She believes that music has no language or barriersand could be the ‘ ONE ‘ uniting factor to bring love and peace in this world.


  • Teaching music at home (Piano & Western Vocal).
  • Composed jingles for various companies at Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Was interviewed on ‘Bennie Uche’s Talk show’ of Nigerian Television Authority. Sang a self composed Indian song with a Nigerian Band.
  • Judged music competitions at Indian Language School, Lagos.
  • Took part in Kala Darpan Musical Program, New Delhi and was presented an award by Ms.Penaz Masani, a famous Gazal singer.
  • Was Western music teacher at Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi.
  • Was Western music teacher at Manavsthali Public School, South Ext., New Delhi.
  • Was teaching piano at THEME, New Delhi. Western music school affiliated to Trinity Guildhall College, London.
  • Was teaching at Brian Silas School of Musical Instruments, New Delhi.
  • Was teaching Piano and singing at Vidya Niketan School, New Delhi
  • Conducted summer Casio workshop for 15 days at Apeejay School, Saket, New Delhi. Workshop consisted of 25 students who were also taught to read and write music as a language. Organized a Show performed by the students, which was a great success.
  • One of the songs written, composed and sung by me has been released in an album.
  • Have been featured on “Jhankar”, a musical program on Doordarshan.
  • Composed Title song for JMV Productions serial ‘MLA Ram Lubhaya’
  • Done a jingle for Ved Films that is being aired on Zee News.
  • Judged a Music competition sponsored by MLB & Inner Wheel club.
  • Done a Remix album for MLB that was released in December 2003.
  • Done two projects for MLB,
  • a) Remix Album ‘Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho’ which has been released
  • b) Solo Album of original compositions released.
  • A short film was made on me for the program, ‘Hum Hain Bemisaal’ and it was aired on Sadhna Channel.
  • Various interviews on AIR FM ‘Rainbow’.
  • Judged Western Music Inter-College Competition at Indraprastha College, Delhi University.
  • Done motivational song album for Softmax records.
  • Composed a song sung by Neha Bhasin can be heard at
  • Published Original Piano compositions in a book – Easy Piano Melodies distributed by Furtados.

Minu Puri runs newly opened Music Institute called MMP Music Education where Minu teaches Piano and Western Vocal. The rest of the musical instruments are taught by various other teachers
Minu Puri also organizes musical events with their students and other artists.

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